Air Compressor Parts to Keep an Eye On

There’s no question that industrial air compressors are intricate machines. These devices are home to an extensive range of components, all of which play a vital role in the overall functionality of their host compressors. While it’s true that industrial air compressors require a fair amount of upkeep, certain components need to be watched more closely than others. To ensure your compressor’s continued efficiency, keep an eye on your air compressor oil separator, air compressor filters, and air compressor oil / water separator.

Oil Separator

An industrial air compressor oil separator is among the device’s most important components. This part is responsible for separating compressed air from compressed oil. Once the separation takes place, the compressed oil mist is collected at the air compressor oil separator’s tank while the compressed air is sent to the receiver. An air compressor oil separator can last for roughly 4,000 hours under normal compressor operating conditions and should be immediately replaced upon reaching its respective service life of 10 – 12 PSI DP.

Air Filters

Your compressor’s air filters will need to be changed on a fairly consistent basis, particularly dependent upon the ambient environment from where the air is drawn. Allowing an industrial air compressor to operate with a filth-caked filter stands to create a safety hazard and cause damage to the machine. With this in mind, make a point of regularly checking, cleaning, and replacing your air filters. Before proceeding to check a compressor’s air filters, disconnect the device from its power source and give the compressor pump time to cool off.

Water Tank Receiver Tanks

Your air compressor’s receiver tank needs to be emptied of condensate on a daily basis. Maintaining an industrial air compressor doesn’t have to be an all-consuming chore. Provided you’re vigilant about basic upkeep, you should be able to keep your compressor in working condition for many years to come. To this end, make sure to carefully monitor your air compressor oil separator and air filter. Shop our selection of air compressor replacement parts today at IASParts.com.