Working to Maintain an Industrial Air Compressor

Countless independent contractors, small businesses and large manufacturing facilities rely heavily on industrial air compressors. In light of the vital role these devices play in supplying energy, it behooves businesses to maintain them accordingly. With the right amount of TLC, an industrial air compressor can last decades. In the interest of giving your compressor a long life, stay on top of the following upkeep tasks.

Regular Lubrication

A reliable synthetic lubricant will minimize friction and enable your compressor’s primary components to perform their respective jobs unimpeded. Anyone currently in the market for a top-tier lubricant would be wise to check out the highly-rated synthetic air compressor lubricants from Industrial Air Supplies.

Keep an Eye on Your Air Filter

In addition to get the right air compressor lubricants, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the device’s air filter. An air filter element is the first line of defense in protecting you compressor. Any contaminants that pass by the air filter will enter the compressor air end and lubricant, shortening the life of both. Before checking the air filter for dirt buildup and signs of wear, you’ll need to disconnect the compressor from its power source and give the compressor pump ample time to cool down. If the air filter has accumulated a fair amount of filth, use this opportunity to replace it. Alternatively, if you come across obvious signs of wear, it may be time to replace the filter.

Daily Inspections

Keeping an industrial air compressor in working condition also involves performing an assortment of daily checks. Each day, you’ll need to check for air and oil leaks, inspect the belts, listen for strange noises and/or vibrations, check the pump oil levels, and drain the water from the receiver tank.

If you’re good to an industrial air compressor, it will be good to you. Being vigilant about maintenance is the most effective way to ensure a long life and consistently reliable performance from these devices.

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