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Air Compressor Filters for Clean Compressed Air

air compressor filtersAir compressor filters protect your industrial air compressor from oil, water, dust and dirt. You may wonder, “What will a little dust or dirt hurt?” Well, dust can actually wear down your equipment. In combination with water or oil, it can create a sticky mess inside the motors, valves and other areas of your air compressor equipment. You need the right compressed air filters installed with your industrial air compressor to ensure that it operates correctly and to protect the longevity of your industrial equipment.

Your industrial air compressor cannot take just any air filter. You need to make sure the compressed air filter is for use with your specific industrial air filter. With so many different types of filters, it is very easy to get the wrong one. If you have any doubt with which air filter to get for your industrial air compressor, you should contact a professional air compressor parts company, like Industrial Air Supplies to help you get the correct air compressor filter for your industrial air compressor. Installation of your air filter is important too. Many people have problems with installation and end up installing the compressed air filter incorrectly. Incorrect installation, incorrect air filter, and too small of a filter for your air compressor can all lead to serious damage or destruction of your industrial air compressor.

If you need help sifting through the wide variety of air compressor filters to find the right one for your air compressor, you are not alone. Contact Industrial Air Supplies today to receive help from our experts on proper maintenance of your industrial air compressor. Visit IASParts.com to inquire about industrial air compressor parts and supplies today.

Importance of Choosing the Right Air Compressor Oil

air compressor oilPeople often forget the importance of keeping machines properly oiled. In the everyday world, people run their cars past oil changes all of the time and then wonder why they begin to see serious mechanical problems. As important as it is to get your car a routine oil change, it is also important to use the correct oil. Industrial equipment and machinery is no different. If you want your industrial air compressor to run as efficiently as possible, it is important to change your air compressor oil frequently. Along with frequent oil changes, you should make sure you are using the right oil for your air compressor.

It is first good to know why it is important to change your air compressor oil. Oil removes heat from the compression. This is important to combat overheating in your air compressor and will also allow your air compressor to operate longer. The oil in an industrial air compressor also works as a sealant to prevent air from leaking out of the air compressor. Air leakage will cause the air compressor to operate less efficiently.  In addition to these two functions, oil keeps all moving parts properly lubricated during operation. The last function of oil is to cool important operating parts of the compressor, another preventative of overheating and longer life of your industrial air compressor.

Now that you know the functions of air compressor oil, it’s important to take into consideration that using the wrong oil will also have negative effects on your industrial air compressor. Industrial Air Supplies has a great selection of air compressor oil, oil filters, parts, and supplies. Visit IASParts.com to contact our experts about the right oil for your industrial air compressor today.