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Air Compressor Filters for Clean Compressed Air

air compressor filtersAir compressor filters protect your industrial air compressor from oil, water, dust and dirt. You may wonder, “What will a little dust or dirt hurt?” Well, dust can actually wear down your equipment. In combination with water or oil, it can create a sticky mess inside the motors, valves and other areas of your air compressor equipment. You need the right compressed air filters installed with your industrial air compressor to ensure that it operates correctly and to protect the longevity of your industrial equipment.

Your industrial air compressor cannot take just any air filter. You need to make sure the compressed air filter is for use with your specific industrial air filter. With so many different types of filters, it is very easy to get the wrong one. If you have any doubt with which air filter to get for your industrial air compressor, you should contact a professional air compressor parts company, like Industrial Air Supplies to help you get the correct air compressor filter for your industrial air compressor. Installation of your air filter is important too. Many people have problems with installation and end up installing the compressed air filter incorrectly. Incorrect installation, incorrect air filter, and too small of a filter for your air compressor can all lead to serious damage or destruction of your industrial air compressor.

If you need help sifting through the wide variety of air compressor filters to find the right one for your air compressor, you are not alone. Contact Industrial Air Supplies today to receive help from our experts on proper maintenance of your industrial air compressor. Visit IASParts.com to inquire about industrial air compressor parts and supplies today.

Importance of Choosing the Right Air Compressor Oil

air compressor oilPeople often forget the importance of keeping machines properly oiled. In the everyday world, people run their cars past oil changes all of the time and then wonder why they begin to see serious mechanical problems. As important as it is to get your car a routine oil change, it is also important to use the correct oil. Industrial equipment and machinery is no different. If you want your industrial air compressor to run as efficiently as possible, it is important to change your air compressor oil frequently. Along with frequent oil changes, you should make sure you are using the right oil for your air compressor.

It is first good to know why it is important to change your air compressor oil. Oil removes heat from the compression. This is important to combat overheating in your air compressor and will also allow your air compressor to operate longer. The oil in an industrial air compressor also works as a sealant to prevent air from leaking out of the air compressor. Air leakage will cause the air compressor to operate less efficiently.  In addition to these two functions, oil keeps all moving parts properly lubricated during operation. The last function of oil is to cool important operating parts of the compressor, another preventative of overheating and longer life of your industrial air compressor.

Now that you know the functions of air compressor oil, it’s important to take into consideration that using the wrong oil will also have negative effects on your industrial air compressor. Industrial Air Supplies has a great selection of air compressor oil, oil filters, parts, and supplies. Visit IASParts.com to contact our experts about the right oil for your industrial air compressor today.

Why Synthetic Lubricants Are a Good Fit for Your Industrial Air Compressor

industrial compressor suppliesIt’s in your company’s fiduciary best interest to keep your industrial air compressor up and running for as long as possible. In conjunction with regular maintenance and component swap-outs, consistent lubrication can ensure that the various parts of your compressor are able to perform their respective jobs uninterrupted. When shopping around for the right compressor lubricant, you’d do well to limit yourself to synthetic options. As you’ll find, synthetic lubricants have quite a few advantages over their non-synthetic contemporaries.

Impressive Temperature Range

Because synthetic lubricants possess high viscosity indices, they’re able to perform admirably in an extensive range of temperatures. Additionally, most synthetic lubes can maintain their viscosity despite extreme changes in temperature. Since industrial air compressors can get very hot, this enviable degree of temperature resistance serves synthetic lubricants well. As such, a synthetic lubricant should always be on your list of essential industrial compressor supplies.

Long Lasting

Also to their credit, synthetic lubricants generally last much longer than non-synthetics. The frequency with which you’ll need to apply new lubricant varies depending on many factors, including the compressor’s brand, model, and size. However, regardless of these factors, a synthetic lube is practically guaranteed to outlast a non-synthetic. This ultimately means fewer lube applications — and fewer compressor shutdowns.

Good for Your Compressor Components

A synthetic lubricant can play a vital role in extending the life of your compressor parts. By enabling the compressor’s components to perform their tasks with minimal friction, synthetic lubes help prevent wear and tear, effectively increasing each part’s lifespan.

Most people who have worked extensively with industrial air compressors recommend the use of synthetic lubricants — and in light of their many perks, it’s not hard to see why. If you’re in the market for a lubricant that’s long lasting, boasts an impressive temperature range, and extends the life of your compressor components, synthetic is the way to go. If you need to purchase lubricants or other industrial air compressor supplies, Industrial Air Supplies, Inc. has a great selection to choose from. Shop our industrial compressor parts and supplies online today at IASParts.com.

3 Tips for Getting a Great Performance from Your Industrial Air Compressor

industrial air compressor partsAn industrial air compressor is no small investment. In order to truly get your money’s worth, you’ll need to make your compressor last as long as possible. Fortunately, this task isn’t nearly as daunting as it may sound. With a little bit of consistent effort on your part, you can ensure years of reliable service from an industrial air compressor. When working to extend the life of your compressor, take care to heed the following tips.

  1. Have the Compressor Regularly Inspected

The regularity with which you’ll need your compressor inspected varies by model and manufacturer, but most industrial air compressors will need to be looked at two or three times a year. A seasoned inspector will be able to identify a host of issues that are currently affecting the compressor, as well as a slew of problems that stand to affect it. The sooner potential issues are identified, the sooner you can get to work fixing them.

  1. Replace Parts as Recommended

Replacing industrial air compressor parts, as needed, can play an invaluable role in keeping compressors up and running. When an inspector recommends replacing a component that has become damaged or worn-down, it’s in your best interest to take his or her advice. Failure to promptly replace parts can result in large-scale defects and exorbitantly expensive repairs.

  1. Keep Your Compressor Lubricated

To ensure an efficient performance from your compressor, you’ll need to apply a synthetic lubricant on a semi-regular basis. This will provide each of the compressor’s core components with much-needed lubrication, thus enabling them to comfortably carry out their respective jobs.

Like any piece of heavy-duty machinery, an industrial air compressor requires a steady amount of maintenance. Provided you stay on top of upkeep, your compressor may even last a lifetime. For this to happen, though, you’ll need to commit to regular inspections, part replacements, and lubrication. If you need industrial air compressor parts, lubricants, oil, filters and more, Industrial Air Supplies, Inc. has you covered. Shop our great selection today at IASParts.com.

Have You Lubricated Your Air Compressor Recently?

air compressor lubricantsHave you been noticing a change in the operation of your industrial air compressor? Is it running slower? Does it occasionally shut down after extended use? You may think that it is time for a new industrial air compressor, but have you done any preventative maintenance to your air compressor? Industrial machines require proper preventative care and air compressors are no different. Air compressor filters need to be changed when they become too dirty, and it is also necessary to properly lubricate your air compressor. Here is why you need to keep air compressor lubricants handy at all times.

  • Run Cooler – A major reason for using air compressor lubricants is to keep your machine running cool. The lubricants will cool and seal internal components; it is what they are designed to do. If your air compressor begins operating very hot, it is likely to wear down internal components of your air compressor and cost you money in repairs or complete replacement.
  • Consume Less Energy – Along with running cooler, the air compressor will run smoother with proper lubrication. When an air compressor is running hot, it is working harder, and when it is working harder it is using more energy to operate. Keep your air compressor well-lubricated and you will save energy and save on spending unnecessary money for operation costs.
  • Increase Life Expectancy – A well-lubricated air compressor will help the machine operate as it is intended. If your air compressor is operating efficiently, it will require less preventative maintenance on costly internal components and will last a longer time.

There are plenty of small things you can do to keep your air compressor running efficiently. Buying high-grade air compressor lubricants definitely helps, and IASParts.com has the lubricants you need to keep your air compressor in excellent working condition. Shop our lubricants and other industrial compressor supplies today.

Importance of Replacing Air Compressor Filters Regularly

air compressor filtersIf you want your equipment to run smoothly, year round, it’s important to take care of your equipment. Proper care includes preventative maintenance. This means replacing parts and accessories that may become worn out or dirty over time. Air compressor parts are no different, and it’s important to know why you should replace air compressor filters regularly.

  • Avoid Air Compressor Shutdowns – Have you noticed your air compressor shutting down after continued use? It may be time to change your air filters. Equipment like industrial air compressors require a minimum amount of airflow to run properly. If your air filter is dirty, the air compressor will not get the required amount of airflow and will be more prone to shutdowns.
  • Extend Lifespan of Air Compressor – An air compressor running with a dirty air filter is not running as efficiently as it could. In fact, it will need to work much harder and could cause damage to your industrial air compressor. If you regularly change your air compressor filters, you can expect your air compressor to last a long time.
  • Save on Energy – When your air compressor needs to work harder due to a dirty air filter, it will use more energy. An easy way to save on energy costs is by making sure your industrial air compressor’s air filter is clean by replacing it regularly.

Air compressor filters are relatively inexpensive and you will only benefit from changing them regularly. If you need air compressor parts or supplies for your industrial air compressor, IASParts.com has a great selection for you to choose from. Contact us today if you need help locating air filters, lubricants, or other parts and accessories that you cannot find online.

Buy Air Compressor Parts Online Today

Banner-1In an industrial setting, equipment gets used a lot. Every day for hours at a time, sometimes through the night the equipment is used to keep industrial businesses running. With this kind of use, equipment will need preventative maintenance. When you need a replacement air compressor oil separator for industrial air compressors, where will you find the parts you need? Industrial Air Supplies, Inc. in Saint Louis, Missouri has a great selection of name brand air compressor parts online.

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industrial compressor suppliesWelcome to the Industrial Air Supplies Blog. Industrial Air Supplies (IAS) was founded in 2001. Since 2001 we have provided high quality, direct to consumer industrial compressor supplies from top manufacturers in the industry. Located in Saint Louis, Missouri, we ship nationwide to keep our country’s largest industrial businesses running smoothly.

With over 6,000 industrial air compressor parts in stock, you are sure to find the parts you need to keep your equipment running. Parts from leading manufacturers such as Atlas Copco, Champion, CompAir, Gardner Denver, Ingersoll Rand and more can be found in our extensive stock at any time. We pride ourselves in offering friendly, knowledgeable service and fast shipping. Our service along with our great prices on quality products will have you coming back time and time again for preventative maintenance air compressor parts.

Industrial Air Supplies is the place you can count on for all OEM and aftermarket industrial compressor supplies. When preventative maintenance is needed to keep your industrial air compressors working, Industrial Air Supplies has thousands of air compressor parts and supplies to choose from. Air compressor filters, lubricants, mufflers and more from the top brands are always in stock. Visit IASParts.com today to request a free quote on the parts you need today.