Have You Lubricated Your Air Compressor Recently?

air compressor lubricantsHave you been noticing a change in the operation of your industrial air compressor? Is it running slower? Does it occasionally shut down after extended use? You may think that it is time for a new industrial air compressor, but have you done any preventative maintenance to your air compressor? Industrial machines require proper preventative care and air compressors are no different. Air compressor filters need to be changed when they become too dirty, and it is also necessary to properly lubricate your air compressor. Here is why you need to keep air compressor lubricants handy at all times.

  • Run Cooler – A major reason for using air compressor lubricants is to keep your machine running cool. The lubricants will cool and seal internal components; it is what they are designed to do. If your air compressor begins operating very hot, it is likely to wear down internal components of your air compressor and cost you money in repairs or complete replacement.
  • Consume Less Energy – Along with running cooler, the air compressor will run smoother with proper lubrication. When an air compressor is running hot, it is working harder, and when it is working harder it is using more energy to operate. Keep your air compressor well-lubricated and you will save energy and save on spending unnecessary money for operation costs.
  • Increase Life Expectancy – A well-lubricated air compressor will help the machine operate as it is intended. If your air compressor is operating efficiently, it will require less preventative maintenance on costly internal components and will last a longer time.

There are plenty of small things you can do to keep your air compressor running efficiently. Buying high-grade air compressor lubricants definitely helps, and IASParts.com has the lubricants you need to keep your air compressor in excellent working condition. Shop our lubricants and other industrial compressor supplies today.