Importance of Replacing Air Compressor Filters Regularly

air compressor filtersIf you want your equipment to run smoothly, year round, it’s important to take care of your equipment. Proper care includes preventative maintenance. This means replacing parts and accessories that may become worn out or dirty over time. Air compressor parts are no different, and it’s important to know why you should replace air compressor filters regularly.

  • Avoid Air Compressor Shutdowns – Have you noticed your air compressor shutting down after continued use? It may be time to change your air filters. Equipment like industrial air compressors require a minimum amount of airflow to run properly. If your air filter is dirty, the air compressor will not get the required amount of airflow and will be more prone to shutdowns.
  • Extend Lifespan of Air Compressor – An air compressor running with a dirty air filter is not running as efficiently as it could. In fact, it will need to work much harder and could cause damage to your industrial air compressor. If you regularly change your air compressor filters, you can expect your air compressor to last a long time.
  • Save on Energy – When your air compressor needs to work harder due to a dirty air filter, it will use more energy. An easy way to save on energy costs is by making sure your industrial air compressor’s air filter is clean by replacing it regularly.

Air compressor filters are relatively inexpensive and you will only benefit from changing them regularly. If you need air compressor parts or supplies for your industrial air compressor, IASParts.com has a great selection for you to choose from. Contact us today if you need help locating air filters, lubricants, or other parts and accessories that you cannot find online.