Air Compressor Filters

The air intake filter may be the most important replacement part of an air compressor, because it is responsible for cleaning the compressed air before it is released.

Replacing your air filter regularly with a quality product will prevent harmful contaminants and particles from entering the compressor. Using an inferior filter will lead to frequent filter changes, premature lubricant change-outs and potential bearing and/or airend failures, costing you money and time. Simply keeping your air filter clean will increase the performance of your compressed air system, ultimately extending the overall operational life of your compressor.


IAS air compressor filters are made with the highest-quality materials for rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors for a variety of makes and models. We have a full line of air intake filters for most major compressor manufacturers.

Micron Ratings

A proper assessment of your filtration needs is vital to maintaining your compressed air system. Our air intake filters are typically rated between 0.3 and 10 microns, depending upon the size and application specified for your compressor.

  • Between 0.3 and 10 microns – much lower than competitor products
  • Lower micron ratings mean that larger particles are trapped before entering the machine
  • Filters are suitable for use between -40°F and 176°F (-40°C and SO°C)
  • Our lower differential pressure (0.73 to 0.S7 PSI/50 – 60 mbars) means you won’t have to change the filter as often
  • Filters achieve final filter efficiency of 99.9% (tested with SAE coarse dust)
  • Consistent replacement schedules will avoid clogged separators, airend malfunction and bearing failures, ultimately reducing the number of change-outs
  • Higher dust holding capacity with higher service life
  • Designed to provide an optimal flow rate
  • In defining our micron ratings, we use SAE coarse dust for testing and in determining our final filter efficiencies (SAE dust is just one type of coarse dust used for testing efficiencies). Air filters with higher micron ratings produced by other suppliers can allow large particles to pass through untrapped. Our rigid micron ratings mean that our filters achieve maximum efficiency and supply the cleanest air possible.

Filter Media & Capabilities

In many cases, our air filters have more media than other filter manufacturers. It is important to have as much media as possible on the air filters. Higher media area means lower initial differential pressure, higher dust holding capacity and longer service life.

The filter should be suitable to be used between -40aF and 176aF (-40aC and 80aC). The media is constructed with paper or polyester, while the end caps are made with molded polyurethane or metal, depending upon the application.

  • Increased surface area when compared to other filter manufacturers
  • Reduced air volume per square inch of the surface area (more filtration capacity)
  • Lowers initial differential pressure
  • Increases dust holding capacity
  • Less frequent changing of air filter.
  • Allows for longer service life

When To Replace Your Filter

Leaving filters in your compressor too long can suffocate it, reduce its flow or cause it to burst – releasing the dust caught in the air filter into the air stream, clogging the air compressor oil separator more quickly and reducing the lifespan of a separator by as much as 50%.

It is possible for IAS air filters to operate up to 1.5 PSI (100 mbars) differential pressure, though to avoid the risk of burst pressure, we recommend changing your air filter every 0.73 to 0.87 PSI (50 – 60 mbars). This will allow your air compressor oil separator to work effectively for up to 8,000 hours. Properly assessing your filtration needs is vital to maintaining your compressed air system.


Industrial Air Supplies has been in the air compressor replacement parts business since 2001 serving manufacturing, construction and repair facilities across the country. Purchasing cost-effective, reliable alternatives to premium-priced OEM parts has never been easier with IAS. Always use the proper filtration products and premium synthetic replacement air compressor lubricants for optimal performance of your compressed air system. Shop our wide selection of air compressor replacement parts today.

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