Why Synthetic Lubricants Are a Good Fit for Your Industrial Air Compressor

industrial compressor suppliesIt’s in your company’s fiduciary best interest to keep your industrial air compressor up and running for as long as possible. In conjunction with regular maintenance and component swap-outs, consistent lubrication can ensure that the various parts of your compressor are able to perform their respective jobs uninterrupted. When shopping around for the right compressor lubricant, you’d do well to limit yourself to synthetic options. As you’ll find, synthetic lubricants have quite a few advantages over their non-synthetic contemporaries.

Impressive Temperature Range

Because synthetic lubricants possess high viscosity indices, they’re able to perform admirably in an extensive range of temperatures. Additionally, most synthetic lubes can maintain their viscosity despite extreme changes in temperature. Since industrial air compressors can get very hot, this enviable degree of temperature resistance serves synthetic lubricants well. As such, a synthetic lubricant should always be on your list of essential industrial compressor supplies.

Long Lasting

Also to their credit, synthetic lubricants generally last much longer than non-synthetics. The frequency with which you’ll need to apply new lubricant varies depending on many factors, including the compressor’s brand, model, and size. However, regardless of these factors, a synthetic lube is practically guaranteed to outlast a non-synthetic. This ultimately means fewer lube applications — and fewer compressor shutdowns.

Good for Your Compressor Components

A synthetic lubricant can play a vital role in extending the life of your compressor parts. By enabling the compressor’s components to perform their tasks with minimal friction, synthetic lubes help prevent wear and tear, effectively increasing each part’s lifespan.

Most people who have worked extensively with industrial air compressors recommend the use of synthetic lubricants — and in light of their many perks, it’s not hard to see why. If you’re in the market for a lubricant that’s long lasting, boasts an impressive temperature range, and extends the life of your compressor components, synthetic is the way to go. If you need to purchase lubricants or other industrial air compressor supplies, Industrial Air Supplies, Inc. has a great selection to choose from. Shop our industrial compressor parts and supplies online today at IASParts.com.